Ambotik Masala

A delicious and extremely flavorful dish well known for its tangy and spicy taste. "Ambot" meaning tangy and "Tik" meaning spicy is a popular Goan cuisine which goes extremely well with shark meat, prawn or squid because of it's strong flavor. There are many other variations to prepare an Ambotik curry with fish like pomfret, mackerel or sardines

Ingredients : 1kg fish preferably skate, shark or catfish 2 onion (sliced fine) 4 tbsp oil Preparation : Clean and wash the fish. Cut into desired pieces, apply salt and keep aside. Fry the onion in oil till it turns brown. Add the whole packet of Goana Ambotik Masala and fry a bit. Add a cup of water, allow to boil and then add the fish pieces. Cook till tender on slow fire. Add salt and vinegar if necessary.

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